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This past weekend, we had the pleasure of taking off on a mid-summer escape to a remote lodge tucked away in one of the far-flung corners of Alaska’s wilderness, Bear Mountain Lodge.

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Not only is this a small family-run operation, which we LOVE! But, the location and size of their facility is what really drew us to working with this lodge. It also happens to be  one of the best places for viewing coastal brown bear in their natural habitat — not only here in Alaska, but across the ENTIRE globe! Every time we book a client to this amazing location, we desperately wish we could tag along. It’s that awesome.


And, it’s not just the grizzlies that get your adrenaline going.  A major part of the adventure is the bird’s eye view over Alaska’s rugged terrain, jagged mountains, rivers and forests in an authentic bush plane to “Bear Country.” Bucket list = check, check, check!

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Departures begin from Soldotna/Kenai for a short hop (approximately 75 miles across Cook Inlet) to Chinitna Bay for a grand entrance of touching down for a beachfront landing right at the lodge’s shore — Alaska’s version of the red carpet treatment.

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NO lines
NO timed viewing platforms
NO large crowds

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Bear Mountain Lodge is the ONLY full service lodge in Chinitna Bay. It has all of your modern conveniences, but the advantage of being away from city sounds, people and traffic — unless you consider a bear jam on the beach as traffic. If so, then there’s lots of “traffic.”

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Each cabin has at least 4 (or more) single beds, private bathrooms with showers, solar lights, and running water. We mainly book couples, but it’s a perfect venue for a corporate retreat or a family reunion as they can take up to 24 guests all at once. Alaskan meals are prepared in the main lodge and are inclusive for overnight guests. We’ve sampled the menu. It’s amazing.


If you’d like to insert a bear viewing adventure or two within your itinerary, make sure to plan a buffer of at least a day on either side. This ensures that any weather delays won’t interfere with getting you out to what may very well be the MOST EXCITING and memorable leg of your Alaska vacation.

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We often tell guests to plan bear viewing at the conclusion of their trip as the grand finale. And, remember to book early. The lodge operates during summer only from mid-May through mid-September and bears follow the salmon runs (which can slightly vary from season to season), so it’s best to chat with our staff directly to align you with prime dates.

Contact us to chat about bear viewing.

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